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Edward J. Kleinschmidt: Author Biography

Edward J. Kleinschmidt is a freelance writer and poet. He was born in Farmington, Minnesota in 1946 and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1948. He was the youngest of eight children including six sisters and one brother.
While attending college in the late sixties he was encouraged to pursue a career in writing by his English professor. Writing didn’t take top priority, however, with family responsibilities calling. Ed’s writing took a backseat for many years, but was never far from his heart.
He began by writing stories for his children and in time graduated to adult fiction. Edward has always had a love of nature and wildlife, so it only makes sense that he would settle in the mountains of Arizona. You will find nature woven into his books, for the mountains are his second love. His first love has always been his sweetheart and wife of 42 years. Edward and Barbara share their home with Muffin their little dog and numerous wild critters that come calling.
Edward is a published Author, with FREEDOM LOST, THE LONG JOURNEY HOME, HOME AN ELUSIVE DREAM, and SWEETIE PIE published and ready to be sold on line
Very shortly there will be nine more books ready for general publication including:
LOVE, HOPE AND FORGIVENESS, Throw Away Children, The Vanishing, Living The Dream, Charomilla, The Legend Of Moonwalker, The Eberle Brothers, Gateway, and The Sky People.

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