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Home An Elusive Dream is a sequel to The Long Journey Home.
Billie sets out to teach an awkward young man how to swim and winds up falling in love with him.
As Billie’s life makes an unexpected turn, she and Mary continue their adventure into the past. They discover that after Halnan’s untimely death, Kara took over the job of clan historian. She tells the story as seen through the eyes of a young woman.
Kara picks up the story where Halnan left off; on the desolate shores of the frozen North Sea. She tells of their harrowing brush with death and the long cold winter that follows. When spring finally comes to the frozen wasteland Kontar leads his people away from the ice and snow, away from the baron tundra, to a green verdant valley over two thousand miles south.
It is in Bear Valley that Kara falls in love with a handsome young man by the name of Korval. Kara and Korval are married the day before they leave on a long arduous expedition. They and four young men set out into the unknown to see what lies beyond their valley. Not long after setting out on their long journey Kara inherits an orphan grizzly bear cub she names Zan.
Several months later and more that 1200, miles from Bear Valley Kara finds herself alone and very pregnant in a hostile prehistoric world.
At first she nearly gives up hope, but then her unborn child, the son of Korval gives her reason to survive. She learns to depend on Humpy, a shaggy female Buffalo and Zan her loyal grizzly bear for companionship and protection.
Her journey home is a story of courage and friendship like none ever told.

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