The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home blends the stories of Billie a contemporary girl with that of Katrona a girl born in the prehistoric land of Babylon. Billie is overcome by the loss of her mother when she discovers the narrative of Katrona buried in an ice cave several hundred feet underground. In the process of understanding the trials and hardships faced by Katrona, Billie begins to confront the real source of her own grief.
In the middle of her personal sorrow, Billie stumbles upon Mary injured and alone lying near the ice caves. She discovers that Mary, an eleven year old girl, lost her own parents in the same plane crash that left her alone on the mountain. With the help of a judge and the prodding of Mary, Billie ends up with a little sister. Together they read of Katrona’s thrilling adventure and struggle to begin a new life as sisters

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